Save-Save. Win-Win.

Today more than ever, saving money is a good and necessary thing. And when done properly, saving energy not only saves our pocketbooks – it saves our Planet.

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Energy Efficiency Lowers Operating Costs

Terra Verde’s 7-point Deep Green Holistic Energy Assessment can review your lighting, HVAC, water, renewable energy, appliances,  battery storage and micro-grid technology for energy and business security.

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Regulatory Environment

Let us help you comply with the laws and regulations of your State.

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Terra Verde’s research and development division focuses on Machine-to-Machine devices that will help your structure meet your State’s energy conservation mandates.


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2% - 3.5% Financing

We have banking and finance relationships that can offer multiple finance strategies – such as a 2%-3.5% fixed financing model.

7-Point Deep Green Assessment

Renewable energy solutions and a custom proprietary energy storage sharing system designed to work together to bring your building closer to becoming Zero-Net Energy.

Regulatory Requirements

Offering a great depth of understanding of your individual State’s laws and regulations that impact your building compliance.

Get a 7-Point Deep Green Holistic Energy Assessment.

Our model targets not only lighting, but also HVAC, micro-grid, interior devices, water, and battery storage.

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